welcome (old)

What I’m known for

Being a trusted advisor for senior leaders

Expert knowledge and practice in

  • Organisational Health (values-driven strategic clarity, leadership cohesion, operational alignment)
  • Facilitation
  • Generative living and working

Who I work with

  • Leaders who want to make a positive contribution to the world through their work
  • Those looking to improve their facilitation skills
  • Leaders who desire to live life to the full, with no regrets

What I do

  • I design and facilitate programs to establish strategic clarity
  • I work with leadership teams to build cohesion and cultivate operational alignment
  • I train and mentor facilitators
  • I speak and write about living and working better
  • I coach and mentor leaders who want to live with no regrets using my Generative Living and Working development framework

NB: Generative is not a commonly used word. To learn what I mean by it, listen to my mini-talk or read my post: Generativity


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