Vocate charter

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Vocate is a vocational vehicle; that is, it exists to facilitate my professional contribution to making the world better. Within my areas of expertise, I will remain agile and responsive so I can meet clients where they are at.  The following consistent commitments reflect a governing ethos:

Professional expertise and relational trust:

  • commitment to delivering high quality outcomes
  • strong rapport
  • insider posture: I always position myself as part of the client team so I can see things from the client perspective.

Make the World Better

  • 20% discount to charitable organisations
  • 5% of professional fees allocated to a Make the World Better Fund for grants, donations and investments in socially positive projects.

Environmental stewardship.

  • We will do what we can to reduce our use of non-renewable resources and minimise our carbon footprint.

Vocate will seek out organisations (whatever type) who are led by people motivated in their work by making a positive contribution to society.


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