art & science

As a year 10 student, I loved both technical drawing and art. The precision and detail of technical drawing, and the idea that complex shapes could be represented by two dimensional perspectives engaged me. On the other hand, I enjoyed the free flow of art and the encouragement to experiment. Salvador Dali intrigued me deeply and in my painting I attempted to mimic his twisted view of how the world fits together.

These days I spend a good deal of my energy on organisational effectiveness. Like so many other things in life, cultivating organisational effectiveness is both a science and an art. It is a science because there are some things that we just know need to be in place. They have been ‘proven’ over and over again. Clarity of accountabilities, effective systems, alignment of activity with agreed objectives, healthy relationships, good communication from leadership to name a few.

But organisations are not machines, and people are not robots. Working with people is mostly an art. It involves powers of observations and emotional intelligence. It requires agility to move with what actually happens rather than what we as leaders expect will happen. As I plan for a few new projects this week, I find myself thinking about what I need to do that is ‘technical’ and what I need to do that is more innovative and responsive. Both will be necessary for good outcomes.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will notice some changes over the next couple of weeks. We are launching a new blog aligned with the agile software solutions part of our business. That blog will be called Agile Minds. My musings here will be renamed Generative Edge (from the current ‘Ergo Blog’)

We are hoping the technical change will be seamless, but please be aware that the name of the blog and associated image(s) will evolve.

Meanwhile have a good week. If you are in Melbourne, please join us for Christmas drinks this Friday 5th. Drop in anytime after 4pm. (49-51 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne)