politics and religion; worth talking about

Some days it is worth every cent of pay TV subscription. Today was one of them. That’s the good news. The bad news was that there were two things on simultaneously that I desperately wanted to watch – live.

On the religion channel the Navy Blues were back to their winning ways at the MCG. Too bad for Melbourne, but victory is sweet for us Carlton fans after such a drought. It was gripping stuff.

On ABC2 was the summary session from the 2020 summit. My Feb 4th post looked forward to this event with hopeful anticipation. Yes, there will be detractors … I note that The Age has already gone looking for a negative angle. However, if the vibe, even through the TV, was anything to go by, this was an extraordinary event for the nearly 1000 people present in their 10 streams.

More than once I heard people celebrate the spirit of listening and collaboration amongst robust dialogue. Each of the Co-Chairs in their verbal report outlined ideas to help make Australia an even better place to be in 2020. In the Governance report, there was talk of more collaborative government. This summit appears to be a good first step. I am looking forward to reading the initial report over the next couple of days. Download it here.

It reminded me again that addressing the challenges we face as a society and as humanity, will require collaborative efforts beyond what has been traditionally reasonable. More than ever, government, business and the community sectors will need to link arms and work together for the common good. As per the dimensions of complex problems outlined in my last post, the solutions to our biggest challenges lie beyond the scope of single sectors, let alone single organisations.

At Ergo, we can see ourselves working more and more to facilitate the coming together of people from a variety of contexts and perspectives to work through tough challenges.

Meanwhile, back at Carlton, as a headline read recently, ‘the strut is back’.

(OK, I know it is inappropriate indulgence to bang on about football on this forum … I promise I’ll hold back now I’ve got it out of my system.)