big scatter as the seasons change

It is the first day of spring and the first bud has blossomed on our apricot tree. The changing season, and in particular the start of spring, is packed with good things.

And on a different front, after 20 years, with our tribe of six calling Temuka Ave home, the season has changed.

In December 2011 I blogged about scattering and gathering. A big scatter is upon us. This last week we farewelled a nervous and excited Rachel … she will spend 3 months on the Fiji Island of Ovalau volunteering in a local school. You can follow her reflections here.) By the time she returns Maria, Johanna and I will be preparing to move to Caloundra for 2013, a punctuating year as the seasons change on a other fronts. Zac and Jan will be in Beijing and Hong Kong later this year and then Zac will be moving out in the new year. And Heidi is planning either a return to South East Asia or an East Coast road trip in January. A new season.

In a few sleeps, Maria, Johanna and I leave for some adventuring in Istanbul, Santorini and Morocco, then home via Abu Dhabi where my brother Phil and Carol are based these days. We are continuing to make the most of this season of life before Johanna hits the business end of high school. If you would like to follow our reflections as we travel and experience what will be brand new places for us, you can do so at via our yurting and travel blog here.