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This page outlines services in my three areas of expertise;

Organisational Health, Facilitation and Generative Living & Working. Please scroll down for information on each.

1. Organisational Health:

Values-driven strategic clarity: Establishing clear identity, purpose and activity based on your organisation’s reason for being

I design and facilitate programs of work to cultivate stakeholder buy-in and build clarity and alignment for social purpose organisations. Each program is configured to the particular needs of your organisation, drawing from a range of proven frameworks, tools and techniques including:

  • Cultural Values Assessments
  • Logic maps that connect your organisation’s reason for being with programs and daily activity
  • Scenario planning to help understand the implications of relevant long term trends
  • Developing answers to the key medium term strategic questions and subsequent implementation plans

Leadership cohesion: strengthen organisational capacity to execute strategy through cohesion at executive team level.

I work with senior teams to:

  • build trust through understanding (work and leadership styles and preferences)
  • establish healthy communication and meeting habits and protocol
  • develop clear accountabilities

Stakeholder buy-in: ensuring the alignment of activity and leadership intention by cultivating stakeholder buy-in.

  • navigating the tensions between leadership authority and organisation consultation
  • communication and engagement design

2. Better Facilitation: training workshops & mentoring: Cultivating understanding, buy-in and aligned action among diverse stakeholders

Over the years, I have regularly been asked to train people in my approach to facilitation. Countless hours of ad hoc coaching and mentoring have culminated in Better Facilitation Workshops, with follow-up mentoring also available.

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Currently no workshops scheduled

At the end of the workshop you will have;

  • Understood the three foundational design principles and explored the effective use of some of the best facilitation methodologies,
  • Explored the six key competencies of outstanding facilitators, and established a foundational toolkit of techniques and tools, and
  • Generated practical ideas on how to respond to challenging workshop scenarios, learned how to use a preparation worksheet and developed a personal action plan.

3. Generative Living: speaking and coachingHarmonising pleasure, betterness and meaning in life and at work.

I do not subscribe to the common motivational mantra that says you can achieve anything you want if you set your mind to it. But I do believe we can trap ourselves in patterns of living we are likely to regret later in life because we shrink from making choices (and embracing the consequences!).

I love helping people make choices to live life fully and to navigate the sometimes messy terrain of daily life in the process. A generative life is one that wisely mixes pleasure (the appreciation of beauty as experienced through the five senses), betterness (development and learning to be become as good as we can be in our areas of strength) and meaning (our contribution to purposes beyond ourselves for the common good). We only have one shot at life. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we all got to the end and looked back with no regrets.

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