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Books for me provide a connection with thinkers and their ideas. My library has been an important and formative treasure over the years. In 2013, in amongst some other decisions, I made peace with decluttering my life of ‘stuff’ which included the library. It was gut-wrenching and liberating. Most of the library, which you can browse here, is now housed at the The Difference Incubator. A superb home.


In a variation of the ol’ desert island thing, I then set out to determine which small number of books would I choose to hang on to. Not necessarily because of the quality of the book (although they are all rippers), but because of the impact of the content on my thinking and the way the ideas have chronicled and shaped my journey over the last 15 years. It was extremely challenging – there were less than 30 of them. I’ve listed them here with a sentence explanation of why they made the cut. You can also view them, along with others that have been added since on my Goodreads account. They are in no particular order, except the way they are arranged on my shelf.

And incase you are interested, I have selected a small number of journals to which I subscribe to keep me informed and energised.


Notes on Generative Living: a personal manifesto


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