About (old)

Life is too precious to do work with no meaning. I therefore work alongside leaders of organisations whose reason for being is making the world better. And life is too short to wait until you think you can afford the time and money to live fully. So we are giving that a shot too.

My partner Maria and I met when we were at uni in Hobart. We’ve lived most of our lives in Brunswick in Melbourne with our four amazing kids and are now based on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve tried doing a few different things over the years … and will probably try a few more before we’re done.

As far as work goes, whatever I do involves getting people together to envision not just how to do things better, but how to do better things. Hence the tag line for my business Vocate: “work better / do better work”. There is more detail about the kinds of things I’ve done over the years on my Linkedin profile. The people best equipped to talk about my services are my clients, some of whom have written testimonials.

These days life is a potent mix of meaningful work and seeking to live well and fully. My projects in PNG and Melbourne offer collaboration with exceptional people making a huge difference to the lives of people. Maria is writing biographies of people in the home stretch of life and is taking photos chronicling our life and travel adventures. There are posts on our yurting blog which we’ve written while living in our caravan in Australia or spending time in other cultures and places.

While we’ve got our health we swim, walk, play, cook and eat good food as often as we can.


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