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I love to understand patterns.

I studied pure maths at university because I was mesmerised by the way number patterns worked and help make sense of the world. I have always been curious about behavioural patterns and what habits reveal about what is important to people. I admire good designers; those talented people who know how to arrange material things in ways that enhance life. Patterns are everywhere and they usually mean something, often something important.

Patterns are not rules though. Patterns do not guarantee an outcome, they simply provide the infrastructure that optimises the possibility of a desired outcome. And so in my personal and work life, I am always looking for patterns, in my own life and those of others, individually and collectively. If we can understand the patterns, chances are we can make sense of our worlds and work to make them better.

Working for me has never been simply about earning an income. It has always been about making the world a better place. Ergo Consulting’s tag line said it well: a better day at work for people and a better future for the world.

Maria and I raised our four children in the Melbourne inner suburb of Brunswick. In more recent years we have chosen to see as much of the world as we can, following our aspirations now rather than waiting until retirement. For a number of years we also lived and worked out of our caravan for three months a year. Whatever our circumstances, we have practiced the art of contentment, making the most of any situation we have been in. In recent years our time has been split between the Sunshine Coast, Launceston, Melbourne and Barwon Heads, enjoying some of the best Australia has to offer. All this while building a business, raising a family and doing work that is characterised by pleasure, betterness and meaning.

There is some more professional information on my LinkedIn profile

For some insight into our ‘no regrets’ lifestyle, check out Why not?

I’ve written a little book, Notes on Generative Living: a personal manifesto. (PDF download)


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