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After hanging out with Louis Jacques Darveau and being captivated by the calibre of his thinking at the recent Do Lectures, subscribing to his incredible ‘thinkstyle’ project The Alpine Review, was almost involuntary. The overarching theme of ‘transitions’ takes us on a journey through amazingly diverse perspectives.

I’m going to use this blog to pass on some nuggety paragraphs. In pulling quotes out without context I am conscious of the violence one can do to the sweep of the argument in a full essay. Sorry. So take these as they are intended as tasters ….

” … it is not problematic that we created derivatives and sub-prime mortgages and Pottery Barn and subdivisions and a 24 hour news cycle and a four-dollar cup of coffee. It’s that we had no integrated conception of the world – and more importantly, the people in the world – from which to judge that these things are bad. We were broadly untrained in making sense of things, in creating an understanding of how systems work, and we ignored consequences that were diffused, but present. We critiqued the aesthetic of our designs, but did not dare to judge our subject matter and content as we had no spirituality of technology upon which to compare.”

Jon Kolko from his piece in Antifragility edition of The Alpine Review

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