‘DO’ yourself a favour


When I attended the 4th Do Lectures in Wales (2011) I was unwell. The smoke from the open fires that hung in the cold air didn’t help, and I retired early from much of the incredible night-time entertainment so I could be upright the next day. I also had this annoying throat tickle that triggered a cough when I tried to talk.

There was some associated blessing. It meant I often retreated to quiet spots, and frequently stood around in groups and simply listened. In many ways I felt like an observer, soaking it in and wondering at the vision that turned this unique gathering into a such a smooth working reality.

There was something about what I experienced that offered deep hope. Here was a group of people who, instead of protesting about what was wrong with the world, filled the meeting tent and long dining tables with stories of how they had chosen to bring a desired future into the present. Stories of Do-ing. This wasn’t a gathering of dreamers and ideas-people who were exchanging advocating rhetoric; it was a temporary community of people who had already decided to live the way they wanted the world to be.

Northwest Wales seemed to be the perfect place on the planet to hold the Do Lectures. But I couldn’t help wonder how ready Australia was for a gathering like this. It would have to be in an iconic Australian setting. It would need to hold the incredible mix from Wales of the calibre of speakers and participants, the highest quality produce and food and importantly, logistics that go beyond efficient into warm hospitality.

I am delighted that Sam and the amazingly talented crew around her are making it happen. Applications for the April 24-27 event close in a week, so get onto it straight away. The Do Lectures Australia