Mr T and facilitation


When I was at Uni in the 1980’s the original A-Team television series was a great Friday night escape. The predictable plot flow and fanciful stunts were great for a laugh. I remember one episode, when at 9:10 (that was the predictable time when the baddies had the upper hand and some kind of deft twist was necessary for a Hollywood ending) Mr T escaped out of a fortress by holding a hairdryer under a garbage bag and ballooning over the wall. Ludicrously funny.

Facilitation is like that, even if less fanciful. A skilled facilitator brings together different elements to orchestrate an outcome that would not have otherwise been possible. It is an underrated leadership competency. Leadership is regularly about bringing together different perspectives and drivers in the service of a bigger outcome. Without facilitation competency, leaders can resort to unilateral decision making, an approach that seductively promises an efficient outcome, but always comes unstuck without stakeholder buy-in.

My Better Facilitation workshops are designed to help build leaders’ facilitation capacity. I am pleased to announce that the first Sydney workshop will be held at Hub Sydney in William St. on Thursday 10th April. Register for either the Melbourne or Sydney workshops here.

Early bird finishes for Melbourne before the New Year, so if you are planning to attend, get in before Christmas to get a discount.