Do Lectures Australia

I have been to countless conferences over the years. Most have been good, some even great. The Society for Organisational Learning (SoL) of which I have been a member for many years excels. The Sustainability Forum in Atlanta and in particular the Global Forum in Muscat have been among the best run, with outstanding content, learning environments, networking opportunities and superbly facilitated.

But the best I’ve ever participated in is the Do Lectures. And like most top shelf quality stuff, the mixture of the ingredients that make the Do Lectures special are greater than the sum of the individual parts. In other words, listing the stand-out things doesn’t fully account for why participants leave changed. To say Do inspires people is to cheapen the impact. Do infuses a belief that the future can be better, not through hollow hope, but through maintaining the trajectory of action, of do-ing, generated by people who don’t just have ideas, but who by their Do-ing, bring new realities into being. If you google Do Lectures, once you get past all the official stuff you’ll come across a plethora of blogs and commentary from those of us lucky enough to have participated. I too blogged some reflections after attending the 2011 Wales Do Lectures.

So, here’s the thing …. the Lucky Country just got luckier; The inaugural Do Lectures Australia will be happening in April 2014. Attendance is by application. 70 attendees, 20 speakers. Follow the link and find out how to stay tuned. I committed never to say this in a blog, but here I go anyway … “I’m excited”.