Macropolis?? The corporation’s next big leap


Company Director is not the most inspiring of my regular reads, but this months magazine has a cracker article. In The corporation’s next big leap, (sorry, you probably won’t be able to view this – read below instead) John Green explores the scenario of a cashed up corporation buying / bailing out a struggling economy, thereby giving it all the immunity and operational freedom it wants in a globalised world.

He sites the example of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis’ partially successful attempt to control Monaco back in the 50s. Green’s case study conclusion is that he didn’t go far enough to achieve his desired outcomes as he left the legislation in the hands of the royal family who eventually diluted his power.

Of course the stimulus for the thought is Apple’s current massive cash pile. A year ago it was $100 billion, now reportedly up to $137 billion. Not that it’s likely, but Green speculates on a Greek buyout. Macropolis! As Green says, ‘Apple may not want to do this but others might’.

Brilliant if scary.

The corporation’s next big leap? – Australian Institute of Company Directors