unsettled contentment

The Brunswick East Project is out the back door of our place in Brunswick. With workshops at CERES last week and this, I’ve loved having my morning coffee here again. It is as close to home as a café has ever felt for me, because I regularly run into people I know and we exchange local banter.

But it is an unsettling familiarity. Because the nearby house that was home for 20 years is not anymore. But I still cooked and had dinner there last night with Heidi and Rachel. This is a “Melbourne’ week for me. That means I get up on the Sunshine Coast at rude o’clock on Tuesday morning, fight the 5:30am peak hour traffic on the Bruce Highway and settle into 5A on VA314.

I’m still getting used to the evening work and sleeping routine at Roslin, but it’s going OK. After being home in our ‘pinch yourself’ apartment in Caloundra for the weekend, the familiar routines of living and working in Port Moresby will kick in next week.


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I’ve had blog paralysis this year. Too much emotional and mental processing to express anything cohesive. But I figure I’d start with some scattered thoughts and see how we go. Turns out I’m finishing this blog at Edge Expresso Bar. Great weekend morning vibe and the familiar taste of Di Bella coffee. (The Coffee Roasting Warehouse roasts Di Bella Coffee, a regular lunch spot near our office in Melbourne)

In a minute I’ll wander back home, cook some breakfast with Maria and Poss, then we’ll load up Pat and go a for meandering drive north through Coolum and maybe up to Noosa. Tomorrow, Poss has a few friends coming over and they’ll wander through the market. Then I’m up early Monday to spend the week in Moresby. Extraordinary variety, amazing pleasure, interesting and good work.

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  1. Those ‘slow’ times generally prove to be times when bigger ideas were in the process of coming together. Seems to me it’s no coincidence that your thoughts feel scattered. They’ll land where they need to :>)

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