seachange honeymoon

Hello everyone. Being in the middle of the storms in QLD was pretty surreal. Our apartment is on the fourth floor, so while we could see, hear and feel the strength of the wind and saturating rain via our balcony, we were pretty much spectators without any real vulnerability. At one point I was going to venture out to immerse myself in the ‘beauty of nature’s strength’, but once at ground level realised the folly of my ways. In the street the wind speed would have made simply staying on my feet a challenge let alone the danger of flying debris.

I was at home for four nights. The cyclonic conditions for two days were sandwiched by storms and clouds. Gaylene’s (Maria’s mum) flight back to Launceston was understandably cancelled, so not an insignificant amount of time was spent on the phone navigating contact centre bureaucracy, sorting alternative plans. And Pat, our trusty old Patrol that had recently hauled our caravan 2000kms north spluttered and then refused to start again.

Now I typically don’t cope so well when things I am relying on don’t work. But I’m on a Sunshine Coast seachange honeymoon right now, and storms, bureaucracy and broken down cars were just water off this duck’s back. I feel like the luckiest bloke on the planet. Home is so sweet right now.

Normally, being shut in a windowless hotel meeting room is the stuff of nightmares. But I’ve just walked out of two intense days with a small group of PNGSDP Execs and Board members in Brisbane and was really pleased with the work we got done. My work continues to introduce me to some amazing, even great people. I had heard plenty about Sir Mekere Morauta, and working with him this morning confirmed what I had heard.

And now I’m poking at airline food en route to Cairns so I can get the redeye (4am rise) into Port Moresby for a workshop tomorrow afternoon. Dinner on our postcard balcony on the Sunshine Coast seems a world away. I wonder what Maria and Johanna are eating, and how Johanna is feeling about her first day at a new school tomorrow? I am thinking of them. When I get to my room later tonight I’ll have to check Maria’s blog to see what image she has chosen to tell today’s story.