slow brewed choices

My sister Al and her husband Brian have just moved their family back into the farm homestead in Western Victoria where Brian grew up. Their journey has taken them to the Northern Territory, Gippsland in eastern Victoria and then back to Nhill where they eventually bought back the property Brian’s father had sold a number of years back. After some renovations, they are reconnected with the land of Brian’s roots.

The trajectory back to Creek Road was a slow but intentional one. I admire their patience and vision.

Maria and I are going the other way. After 20 years in the same house in East Brunswick we are planning to base ourselves in QLD for 2013. While the actual decision emerged relatively quickly, the trajectory has been brewing for some time.

We had children young, four of them. At the time it seemed crazy to some … while our peers enjoyed the typical freedoms of being twenty something, we were having sleepless nights, long work hours while trying to keep up with our friends social lives. But we knew that by the time we were 40, the options would begin to open up with plenty of time ahead of us.

The first significant incarnation of this has been our yurting lifestyle. The home page has got a new quote from Lucky Wonders which just about sums it up.

And now, we are wondering about how we want to spend the next season, and ‘why not?’ features prominently. ‘How?’ becomes an exciting creative journey.

So, while living in the moment is a bit of a theme, it is also true that the most significant decisions in life, like a good cup of tea or a pot of soup, are brewed over time. I wonder what you are brewing?