sometimes the week ends well

I have this thing about Fridays. As much as I can I like to tie off loose ends and be mentally prepared for the week after. In this aspect of life I’m a tad anal. So I hate it when stuff goes wrong on Fridays. It shatters my illusion of control. I reckon it’s a 50/50 bet.

Multiply that and you get a sense of how I like to finish the year. Finances in order including comforting cash flow projections, customer projects appropriately punctuated, and preparations made for the start of the next working year.









Yesterday was that day for me. Up late preparing for next years work. Reflective lunch with Derek to review the Ergo year, pottering around the yurt (caravan) parked outside our front gate getting it ready for the well worn road trip, and tying off project lose ends before the break, pausing to watch old family videos as they played on the TV. Over the last few days I’ve been nervous something would go wrong.

It didn’t.

Today is celebration day. My son Zac graduates from Melbourne Uni and middle daughter Rachel gets her VCE results. Tomorrow Maria, Johanna and drive.

Fruitcake, chocolate, sunscreen. Cups of tea in the morning while everyone else sleeps. Have a great Christmas season. If you’d like to follow our summer excursions this year, you can do so here.