safe mode

When MSOutlook crashes and you restart, Bill gives you the option of starting in ‘safe mode’. Safe mode opens the program with many of the non essential features disabled to allow it to give it the best chance of running effectively. For much of this year I have been running in safe mode.

It has been a rugged month. A number of circumstances have conspired to sap from me much of the enthusiasm and joy of life. In order to stay afloat, I have culled a lot of the non essential activity. This has included this blog. It is perhaps unfortunate that for me it is hard to reflect in this media when the going is tough.

A smattering of people have politely asked about my e-silence. Well, I’m back for now … but only briefly because tomorrow we shift modes again – back to yurting. We enjoyed blogging over summer here, and last night Maria got started again.

If you are inclined, you can share our yurting reflections over the next couple of weeks as we mix a slower pace infused with work. Now that I’ve ‘rebooted and enabled most features’, I look forward to talking here about some new projects I am doing when I’m back after Easter.