lots of activity can feel overwhelming

I feel like I am always banging on about ‘perspective’. The reason is obvious to me, because I know how important I find it myself. This morning was a good case in point:

I woke early and was contemplating the work ahead of me today. There are some meetings and conversations with some pretty important decisions to be made. I felt the level of anxiety rise as I contemplated the different dynamics and responsibilities I have in them. Then as my thoughts shifted to the broader perspective, the outcomes of the projects in which the activities sit, I could sense an immediate shift … my anxiety started giving way to an energised motivation.

The three projects on which I will work today are all great projects. One, in partnership with a Uni, involves the development of a diagnostic for measuring the ‘generativity’ of a workplace, another is a major initiative to cultivate a social enterprise hub in the CBD, and the third is preparation for a sustainability workshop for the regional Board of a global company. Fantastic projects. Focussing on the bigger picture helped me heaps, rather than lamenting the busy activity in isolation.

I hope you can locate your activity today in the context of the broader outcomes you are trying to achieve … it certainly helps me to do so.