back on a favourite

I hope your Easter was good. Mine was. In part because it was prefaced with some time away. It helped me regain some perspective.


Perspective is as close to a silver bullet as you can get. What you see affects everything. It’s a simple formula but there are a couple of elements that are crucial for living with purpose and contentment.

1. Know what it is that is important. What matters to you? We’ve got to have clarity on this.

2. In frenetic urban living, what matters most can so easily get crowded out … not intentionally, just because urgency is so noisy and the pressures of work and life impact what we see and the choices we make. We’ve got to find ways to regularly keep aligned meaningfully to these things.

For me, it has always been a fundamental of wellbeing to find ways to regularly re-connect with the things that matter, the things that elevate my thinking and regenerate my spirit. A week in Inverloch in South Gippsland and reflecting over Easter on ‘new life’ has been very helpful.

One of the implications for me is that I will need to be more disciplined in reflecting on my own journey via my journal (old fashioned pen and paper) that has taken a back seat since I started more public reflection via blogging 15 months ago. I do not intend to cease blogging, but I expect it might be less frequent …

In the meantime, have good week and I hope you are making choices based on the stuff that matters to you in the long term.