change and opportunity

More than once in recent months I have been in organisations where we have been talking about change. And, contrary to the conventional mantra, change for change’s sake being a good thing.

Sometimes, change for change’s sake is a good thing because we get stuck in ruts. What began as good habits, typically become behaviour patterns that are get well ingrained, which would not be a problem if the context and circumstances stayed the same as they were when the process or habit was born … but this is seldom the case. So, changing things just to break things up can help us see things differently and find new solutions to our current problems.

But sometimes change for change’s sake can be a good thing, even when things are ticking along well. In the next 6 weeks, we will have two members of our team at Ergo move on to new adventures. Plenty of pain. It will be sad and challenging to learn to work without them. But, change ushers in opportunity … always.

In the midst of change, and it happens to us, in us and around us constantly, the opportunities are there for the taking. In our case it will mean new people, new team dynamics, new skills, new possibilities … I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And the opportunities are, of course, not just for those left behind … the doors that will open up for our colleagues who are leaving will expand their horizons and hopefully enrich their lives.

So, I wonder what changes lie around the corner this week … some we know are coming, others are unknown at this stage. Lets hope we can grab the opportunities they bring to expand our lives, and not get held back by the realities that have passed on.