Laying down in the afternoon for a snooze can be dangerous, at least for me. It works out great if I wake after 20-40 minutes. But anything longer than an hour is a shocker … I wake up feeling extremely ordinary. The world is heavy place until a visit to the bathroom to splash cold water over my face. Even then, it takes a while to feel less nap-lagged.

Early in the new year, I reckon one and half weeks off is a bit like sleeping for an hour in the afternoon. Its long enough to start to be deep into cruise mode, and then comes the world of early rises and mental effort’s unwanted  invasion. Like a power nap, a good weekend regenerates me well. A proper break is like a good night’s sleep … long enough to unwind and regenerate for the next season. We all need them.

 Anyway, here I am, trying to negotiate the world after a week and half’s break … so I ask myself, what is the equivalent of a dowsing of cold water on the face? For me it is ‘splashing the neurons’ with some refreshing and stimulating material … the stuff that reconnects me the things that matter most and motibate me to keep doing what I do. So I’ve been reading through TendWatchers predictions for 2008 and an article sent through by a friend from Harvard Business School on developing ‘moral leaders’. Already the phone calls, proposals and conversations on my plate are feeling more attractive …