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I work behind the scenes to support social change leaders. I am a convenor and facilitator. I see patterns and make connections. 

I hope for a future with less fragmentation and disconnection. I work to bring people, their ideas, their hearts  and their initiatives together, not only to facilitate community and collaboration, but towards a radical wholeness.

The roles from within which I do this are:


… as a host and facilitator of Make it Better gatherings



… as a board member of social purpose organisations.

dw logo    (Executive Chair)

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 11.43.43 am            (Chair)


… as a coach and mentor to senior business and civil society leaders

  • I work with leaders who are seeking to make the world better.
  • Relational trust is foundational.
  • I draw upon a number of tools, frameworks and models depending on the opportunities or challenges.


… as principal of Vocate, I designed and facilitated programs to create strategic clarity, develop leadership cohesion and cultivate stakeholder buy-in.


Check out what some of my clients have said after my work with them on my testimonials page.



There’s more to life than work. I think out loud about other stuff on my blog at colduthie.net


As part of our ‘no regrets lifestyle’, Maria and I have had mobile lifestyle, including spending as much time as possible living in (and working from) our caravan. Over the years we have accumulated a significant number of blogs which serve as a journal record of our lives. … read more


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